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Kim's Cool Tip

Repairing a broken iPod

Terry broke his wife's iPod. Apparently, it fell down two flights of stairs and no longer works. He's in the doghouse, because he wasn't supposed to be using it. He asked me to recommend a repair site.

I don't recommend third-party repairs on iPods, Terry. Such a repair could void the warranty, if it's still in effect. I would send the iPod to Apple for repair. Since the damage was accidental, any warranty won't cover repairs. For information on iPod repairs, visit Apple's site. I hope the files on the iPod are backed up. Apple will not return them to you.

It's possible that the iPod can't be repaired. Or, maybe repairs will be too expensive. In either case, show your wife how truly sorry you are. Get her one of Apple's latest iPods!

Kim's Cool Site of the Day

Your online medical guide

In these circumstances, your physician is your best resource. He or she can tell you about causes and your treatment options.

Of course, you'll probably want to do some research, too. Fortunately, there's a wealth of medical information online.

But you may have trouble finding trustworthy information. In that case, visit Merck's site. You can access the Merck Manual for free. This is what doctors use.

You can learn about prognoses, treatment options and more.

Hopefully you don't have an illness. But what about that pain in your stomach? Could it indicate something more serious?

The Merck Manual can help answer that question. It may just convince you to set up an appointment with your doctor.

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